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Orange and Blue Profile – Erin Head

You may have seen Erin Head at the front of the Bailey with her megaphone or leading the march to TQL Stadium, but she wasn’t always a sports fanatic. Coming from a family of sports enthusiasts, Erin often found herself not the least bit interested in rooting for a basketball or football team. But that all changed when her best friend invited her to the 2019 FC Cincinnati home opener against the Portland Timbers. Knowing her enjoyment for a good parade, Erin’s friend thought the iconic FCC march would be right up her alley. The now infamous march before the Portland match and an incredible memory of carrying a flag sparked a passion in Erin. The thrilling 3-0 win for FC Cincinnati was an afterthought as Erin was now hooked on FCC for life.

While watching this summer’s Women’s World Cup, Erin made more than 70 friendship bracelets with the names and nicknames of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s players in preparation for their September friendly at TQL Stadium. Before the match, Erin was able to connect with USWNT goalkeeper and native Cincinnatian Aubrey Kingsbury to get some of the bracelets to her teammates. USWNT Midge Purce is coordinating a second delivery, too.

The bracelets allowed Erin to share her love of soccer in her day job as a preschool teacher. One day, one of Erin’s students noticed her bracelets which led to a budding interest in the sport. Erin connected with another student, aptly named Bailey, in the Bailey during a match this season, as well, on a night that is still remembered by her fellow Knights.

Erin also made an impact on one particular FCC player, Nick Hagglund, despite her Lakota East roots and his Lakota West ones. At a charity event, Erin wore a hilarious “Big Nick Energy” shirt that a friend made. Hagglund loved it so much and he agreed to swap shirts with her at the next home game, a promise on which he delivered.

Erin does not only bring her voice and energy to matchdays. She also works behind the scenes as an executive board member of the Pride supporter’s group. She got started with the Pride when her best friend introduced Erin to group members and she’s made many great friendships with the wonderful people in the Pride. This season, Erin got involved as a “Capo” with the Knights of the Bailey, leading supporters through 90 minutes of deafening support for FCC.

“Don’t count us out,” Erin said. “One hard loss (the Eastern Conference Final) doesn’t mean we didn’t have the best season in the league. Win or lose, we are forever Orange and Blue.”

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