Growler Cup Standings


IT IS COMING BACK! 2022 Growler Cup.

After a short 2021 hiatus (due to FCC’s form) the Cup will be making its return in the 2022 season.

The Cincinnati Soccer Talk Growler Cup is a win/draw/loss competition for anyone that is a Patreon of Cincinnati Soccer Talk. First launched in 2017, we play this annual pick-em game to see who among us has the best (or luckiest) skills. The CST staff plays as well so go head to head against your fellow CST’ers and CST supporters and see who takes home the Growler Cup. CST Staff cannot win prizes though, only bragging rights.

If you would like to join us in the next season, head over to our Support Page and become a supporter today! It’s THAT easy!

The Growler Cup is a prediction based game where you predict the score of the match between FC Cincinnati and it’s opponents.

Click HERE to view the UPDATED 2022 Growler Cup Rules.

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