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Orange and Blue Profile – Nate Janulis

Hailing from the “Great Lakes State” of Michigan, Nate Janulis is one of the most enthusiastic FC Cincinnati supporters. A trip with his kids’ soccer team to the Cincinnati area in 2022 landed him in a position to go check out FCC at TQL Stadium. It was love at first sight for Janulis. The fanbase and community captivated him. Since that trip, he has made that four-hour commute to Cincinnati seven times and never misses a match on TV. He said Facebook groups and podcasts like CST connect him to this club.

Janulis worked in Germany for several years. He lived in Stuttgart and was able to attend several Bundesliga matches along with matches in England. It was in Germany that Janulis’ passion for soccer blossomed to an all-time high. He believes TQL Stadium is the closest thing in the United States to that matchday experience in Europe. The living, breathing ‘organism’ that is a packed crowd chanting and coming together makes soccer a community like no other.

Being from the Detroit area, Detroit City FC is his local club. DCFC was once a former rival to FCC in the USL days. He said he missed that rivalry while abroad in Germany. He can, however, straddle the line between the fanbases with ease. In the 2022 US Open Cup, the Columbus Crew made a trip to Detroit to the reception of Janulis and his friends’ heavy heckling. Much to his enjoyment, the Crew and their largely first-team roster went home with the loss.

He is also heavily involved in coaching in the Detroit area. In a couple of amateur tournaments, he has been able to catch some of FC Cincinnati’s academy teams participating. He recalls being sucked into those matches not to scout but with pure enjoyment. The team he coaches also had the opportunity to attend and be on the pitch before the 2023 Seattle Sounders match at TQL Stadium.

His passion for FCC has also rubbed off on his daughter Sydney. Initially apprehensive to make the travel to Cincinnati with a young child, Janulis thought it would be best to test her interest at a DCFC match. To his surprise, his daughter was glued to the match and that patience paid off with an 89th-minute game-winner. With her interest confirmed, they made the long trip down to Cincinnati. With the fanfare at Washington Park, other Cincinnati spots and standing in the Bailey, she was hooked on FCC. Sydney has begged him to go to every game since making that trip. They watched or attended every game together for the remainder of the season. He did mention that there was some minor guilt felt as his daughter missed the Eastern Conference final due to her soccer team’s banquet.

“Keep up the community in Cincinnati,” he said. “I was floored going to Cincinnati on matchday. I have coached soccer for 16 years and have dreamed of growth of the game in the US. Standing in Washington Park watching kids play 3v3, inflatables over here and grabbing a drink over there. A community like that is special and not something you get at other places. Keep growing and cultivate that. It is truly special.”

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