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The Film Room: Regattin with FC Cincinnati

In his scouting report of FC Cincinnati’s newest addition, Brad Gough says Adrien Regattin is a jack of all trades but a master of none.

At around 5-foot-6 and 145 pounds, Adrien Regattin is the definition of diminutive. Though he has been without a team for the current European season, he made 23 appearances for a total of 1,179 minutes for Turkish Süper Lig side Akhisarspor. He can play on either wing or as an attacking midfielder. However, the majority of his starts for Akhisarspor came as a right-winger.

The Film Room

Watching Regattin’s tape, it is clear that he is comfortable playing in numerous positions. Even when he is clearly playing on one wing, he often pops up centrally or on the opposite wing. It helps that he is capable of scoring or passing with both feet, though it is obvious that he does not generate the same amount of power with his left foot as he does his right. For this reason, when crossing with his left foot he often “clips” the ball in instead of driving it in. He doesn’t appear to be an outright speed merchant, though his quickness is evident.

Regattin has what we coaches call “good feet.” He can move his feet quickly and lightly, touching the ball frequently as he dribbles and slightly changing its angle. He also has a rather clean first touch and doesn’t give the ball away often when receiving it. He is tidy in possession, completing most of his passes.

Regattin’s good feet allow him to be a good dribbler. He can move the ball in tight spaces effectively. He is not an elite 1v1 artist, and though he will occasionally beat his man off the dribble, it is not what he does best. Regattin’s best quality in my opinion is his suddenness. He has great acceleration and near-elite burst. This helps him to create the space he needs against defenders, to shoot or pass.

My favorite aspect of Regattin’s game is his undeniable energy and passion. His tireless running and passionate celebrations will definitely endear him to the FCC faithful. Furthermore, he will fit into any game plan that involves pressing the opposition’s defense quickly and constantly.

The Verdict

Regattin feels a bit to me like a jack of all trades but master of none. I think he will score a few goals for FCC and chip in with a few assists, but his film doesn’t make him look like a complete game-changer. That said, the Turkish Süper Lig is a bit more competitive than MLS, and the slight drop in competition may help him to prove me wrong. Though he could do a job as an attacking midfielder (No. 10), I think he is best suited to play on either wing. I could see Regattin and Yuya Kubo starting on opposite wings and switching throughout the game in an attempt to confuse the defense.

Regattin’s ability to connect passes and maintain possession, as well as his ability to drive the ball forward on the dribble quickly, will suit the style of play that it appears coach Ron Jans and general manager Gerard Nijkamp are constructing. In possession, he will keep the ball for the team and occasionally find a big switch of play or a key pass into a forward, and in transition he will be able to effectively run with the ball at the opposition’s backline.

I’d be surprised if Regattin becomes the defacto starter for FCC on either wing. However, he definitely has the talent to push his teammates for the spot. And even if he doesn’t win a starting gig, his energy and quickness will be an asset off the bench.

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Brad Gough is the former head coach of the Cincinnati Lady Saints and Cincinnati Christian University, and a former Director of Coaching for Northern Kentucky Soccer Academy.

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