In International Waters: The introduction

Cincinnati Soccer Talk is introducing a new weekly feature: In International Waters. Our Jacob Clary will take you to Europe, Mexico and anywhere else there’s interesting international soccer. Here’s a peek at what he’s got planned.

Graphic by Joey Koehling.

Something I love the most about soccer is that it is played professionally all around the world. We follow FC Cincinnati and MLS, but there are tons of different leagues outside of MLS, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Liga MX.

If you are a fan of the MLS, it isn’t difficult to get started watching or understanding another league. Some of the concepts are more nuanced, but you are still watching soccer. That’s why, to help you get started, or even to help augment your enjoyment of these leagues, I wanted to start writing about them. Things like polls to predict how a game might play out, table breakdowns and statistics. I’m hoping this will also help me enjoy these leagues more because I really only follow my teams.

I’ve got some fun stuff planned for this series and I hope you look forward to it.

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