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Player Ratings: D.C. United vs. FC Cincinnati

A nine-man FC Cincincinnati squad held D.C. United scoreless for a 0-0 draw in the season finale Sunday. Here are our player ratings for the match.

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“Monsters are not born, they are created”- FC Cincinnati Coach Ron Jans.

A nine-man FC Cincincinnati squad held D.C. United scoreless to earn a 0-0 draw in the season finale after Joseph-Claude Gyau and Roland Lamah were sent off in the first half. The match marks the third draw in a row to end the season. Now on to the Player Ratings!


  • Each player starts off with a 6 as the standard rating. Six signifies an “average performance” for the match.
  • Players will receive additions or subtractions to their score based on individual moments and the overall team performance.
  • We’ll look at multiple criteria such as stats and the Audi Player Index (API) to assess a player’s rating.
  • A player may receive an N/A  if they are subbed in/off before any quantifiable statistics are available.

Now on to the ratings:

GK- Przemyslaw Tyton: (9), Audi Player Index: 456

When Jans was talking about monsters, Tyton had to come to mind. The Polish keeper saved his best performance for his last. Tyton made several point-blank saves late and had absolute control over his box. His saves weren’t just crucial to save the clean sheet. They also provided that much-needed boost to the spirits of the defense.

LB- Greg Garza: (8.5), Audi Player Index: 171

This will be a reoccurring theme, but a massive performance from Garza. Look at the results and how important Garza was. FC Cincinnati had 12 matches with a result this season. Garza made 13 appearances in Orange & Blue and FC Cincinnati got a result in nine of those for 17 points.

CB- Nick Hagglund: (8.5), Audi Player Index: 614

The Cincinnatian got the captain’s armband to close out the season and came up with a heroic effort. With FC Cincinnati dropping into a defensive shell in the second half, D.C. United had to resort to crossing the ball (34 crosses) into the box. Hagglund owned the air with seven clearances to lead the match.

CB- Maikel van der Werff: (8.5), Audi Player Index: 97

D.C. United had 33 shots, and only three were on target. Van der Werff did a great job to keep the FC Cincinnati defense compact. Such a gutsy performance. Hagglund might have owned the air, but Maikel owned the ground. He had five blocked shots on the night and made things difficult for the DC attack.

RB- Mathieu Deplagne: (7.5), Audi Player Index: -225

Sunday was Deplagne’s 33rd match and start of the season, both highs for the club in 2019. When we all look back, one thing we’ll remember was how he brought it week in and week out. This match was symbolic of his season. It went sideways early, but he stuck it out and was rewarded with a result that will help carry some positivity in the offseason.

CM- Leonardo Bertone: (8), Audi Player Index: -44

While the stats may not necessarily back this claim up, I thought Bertone was the man of the match outside of Tyton. His role in the center of the midfield when FC Cincinnati went down to nine men was critical. He kept them organized and compact. If one of the midfielders pursued the ball too far up the pitch, they would have been susceptible to the counter. He kept the midfield tight and made it difficult for D.C. to break through.

CM- Caleb Stanko: (7.5), Audi Player Index: 230

I should give Stanko a bump just for how he came off the pitch in the 85th minute. Similar to his effort on the night, he dug in and wouldn’t let D.C. have one more second on the ball than he could give him.

CM- Fatai Alashe: (7.5), Audi Player Index: 241

Good off the counter. He helped get into the FC Cincinnati attack early on. When the club went down to nine men, he had to stay compact and in line with Stanko and Bertone. It was a shame because I really liked how he was looking to end the year. Alashe has a big year ahead. We will look to see what he can do with a new squad next season.

RW- Roland Lamah: (1), Audi Player Index: -9

Don’t EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER put your hands on the neck/face of an opposing player. VAR is going to catch that 100% of the time and it will be a send-off. Felipe flopped but you can’t do it. Inexcusable!

RW- Joseph-Claude Gyau: (4), Audi Player Index: -470

Unfortunately, Gyau’s foul changed the tone of the match. FC Cincinnati responded nicely after a tough first 15 minutes and were at times on the front foot until his late first-half foul. Gyau showed his studs and they got caught up in shorts of Ulises Segura. It looked to be a foul and possible yellow but the ref went straight red. Tough call for Gyau, as he got to finally play in his hometown in front of his father.

FW-Emmanuel Ledesma: (7.5), Audi Player Index: 43

I know Ledesma wanted the golden boot for FC Cincinnati, but you have to love how he bought in and did his duty to close up shop in the second half. I could not be more proud of how he treated this season. He put out maximum effort all year long, and I hope it earns him a spot back here in 2020.

SUB- Kendall Waston (73rd Minute): (7.5), Audi Player Index: 139

I loved Jans subbing Waston for Alashe. Alashe tired in just his third start of the season, but it was the tactical adjustment I liked best. With Waston as a third center back, the fullbacks could defend out to the edges and discourage crosses.

SUB-  Tommy McCabe (85th min.): (N/A), Audi Player Index:106

Jans inserted McCabe as a late sub for Caleb Stanko. Things could have fallen apart late with the insertion of the rookie midfielder, but Jans trusted him and he did well to stay disciplined and kept his defensive shape.

SUB-   Andrew Gutman (90th min.): (N/A), Audi Player Index: 0

Gutman came in late as a sub for Ledesma.

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