CST, Sports Games for Kids work together to help community

CST and Sports Games for Kids partner together for the 4th Annual CST FootGolf Classic on Aug. 24 to raise money for underprivileged kids in the community.

Photo Credit: Rob Peirce

August is approaching, and with it comes the 4th Annual Cincinnati Soccer Talk FootGolf Classic. Presented by the Joseph Auto Group and hosted at Woodland Golf Course, the event will take place at 3 p.m. on Aug. 24.

Supporters of CST and FC Cincinnati are encouraged to register early. The event includes an 18-hole FootGolf scramble, dinner and prizes. Each year CST hosts this event to raise money for Sports Games for Kids (SGFK), a local non-profit organization led by Tom Grabo. Last year the event helped raise nearly $2,500 for SGFK, an organization dedicated to sharing the joy of sports with kids in the area.

We all know all of the wonderful things that Grabo and SGFK does for the area. We’ve seen Grabo painted from head to toe in his signature Cincy SuperFan garb at matches. We’ve all seen the children at events, in their SGFK shirts and smiles on their faces.

But where did the concept for Sports Games for Kids originate? I reached out to Grabo to find out the history and origin of SGFK in his own words.

“Back in 2014, my friends and I wanted to do something to give back to the community. We decided we could make a difference by sharing our love of baseball with kids facing difficulties in their young lives. Together, we asked friends and family to make donations, and eventually we had raised enough for our first ever event! We partnered with the Children’s Home of Cincinnati and brought 85 kids and their chaperones to a game. The event was so successful, we decided to continue our efforts. In order to be more effective at our work, we obtained an official 501c3 status in 2015. Since that date, we have held numerous kids events and helped countless kids and families enjoy a day of fun together.”

Sports Games for Kids works tirelessly to bring joy to children in the area who are facing adverse conditions. These children range from those who are sick to those in foster care and those in impoverished conditions. SGFK’s purpose is to spread the love of sports to everyone. All children should have the opportunity to experience these events and have fun.

First a team is chosen and then a date that works for a kids event. Approximate numbers are used to contact local organizations and offer them tickets. Organizations collect sign-up information, and families also have the opportunity to contact SGFK directly. If there are any cancellations, previous guests are contacted first to minimize unused tickets.

Organizations that SGFK has worked with include: Ronald McDonald House, Dragonfly Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Children’s Home of Cincinnati, Children’s Home of NKY, Bethany House, Lighthouse Youth Services, Necco Foster Care Cincinnati, Necco Foster Care Florence, Dayton’s Children Hospital and more.

Cincinnati Soccer Talk started partnering with Sports Games for Kids when Brad Weigel reached out to Grabo. For the last four years, CST and SGFK have worked together to put together the annual FootGolf Classic. Combining soccer and golf, teams can enjoy the nostalgia of playing with friends in a laid-back, but still competitive, environment. It gives CST and FCC supporters the chance to meet new people, make new friends, support a great cause and help enrich the lives of children in our communities.

All donations go directly to the kids and their families. Since SGFK board members work out of their homes and meet at Skyline to discuss events, there is minimal overhead. All board members are volunteer and make no salary; there are no office spaces or equipment rented. Apart from website fees, PayPal fees and business cards, all donations go directly to the children. Tickets are generally purchased in bulk, where finding group discounts and utilizing industry connections can help lower the costs.

Now SGFK is in the position where it can provide t-shirts, snacks, a pre-game pizza party, in-game snacks and drinks and tickets for a much lower price. This is due primarily to low overhead costs, industry connections and group discounts. But the generosity of every single person and group who donates to this organization can never be ignored.

At the end of the day, Sports Games for Kids can be summed up in the words of the Cincy SuperFan himself:

“The game is just a part of what we do. The character of CincySuperFan is there to enhance their experience… I’m there to each them about the game, entertain them during breaks in play, lead them in cheers, and more. For the adults, I’m there to ensure they can forget the situation that brought them to us and have a moment to be a family. Words never seem to do it justice, which is why we try to post photos and videos of our event when possible.”

For more information regarding the Annual CST FootGolf Classic, check out the CST FootGolf page. Here you’ll find more information on how to register, cost and everything included.

As always, thank you for your continued support and contributions. We hope to see you there!

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