Experts weigh in on FC Cincinnati’s busy week

Expansion Draft

Here’s what national experts are saying about FC Cincinnati’s signings from the USL team, expansion draft picks and other personnel additions.

Expansion DraftFC Cincinnati took center stage on the American soccer scene Tuesday, when it took part in the Major League Soccer Expansion Draft. From that, the club made an incredible amount of moves to bring in some crucial pieces into the fold for the upcoming season. The front office also announced five players from last season’s USL squad the day before the Expansion Draft.

The hype surrounding the Orange and Blue’s entry into MLS has continued to grow in the Queen City, but what has been said from around the country? After each move that is made, it is always nice to see what is being said from the prominent figures, covering the top league in North America.

Dec. 9-10

Moves made: Acquired goalkeeper Spencer Richey from Vancouver via trade and signed Blake Smith, Justin Hoyte, Jimmy McLaughlin, Emery Welshman, Nazmi Albadawi

These moves made a day or two before the expansion draft gave the club some depth before adding major pieces to the roster. The additions of these six players made it 10 total from the squad last season. The addition of 10 players from the USL squad, including Fanendo Adi and Fatai Alashe, brought a lot of reaction from around the country, including a lot of negative thoughts.

As you can see from a few of the biggest soccer writers in the country, the skepticism is there for how FC Cincinnati has approached their USL signings.

Dec. 11

Moves: Acquired forwards Darren Mattocks and Kei Kamara (traded to Colorado for international roster spot); midfielders Roland Lamah and Eric Alexander; and defenders Hassan Ndam (via expansion draft), Greg Garza (via trade with Atlanta United) and D Kendall Waston (via trade with Vancouver Whitecaps).

These were the moves that FC Cincinnati fans were waiting for. You can check out the Cincinnati Soccer Talk recap of the expansion draft here. The club had the advantage of being the only one entering the league during this expansion year, so it had all of the picks to itself. The moves made would be under a microscope from everyone around the league.

The reaction to the moves made by FC Cincinnati on Tuesday were met with a wide variety of opinions. While some of the moves were praised, some were certainly questioned. Regardless of how some of these moves are viewed, the club got stronger and deeper than expected.

Dec. 12

Moves: Acquired M Victor Ulloa via trade with FC Dallas

This was another move that brought some depth in the midfield and strengthened the squad. This move was long-rumored and was finally made official on Wednesday.

This was another solid move in the eyes of many around the league. T

Dec. 13

Moves: Acquired goalkeeper Przemyslaw Tyton via Free Transfer

This was a move that makes some sense after FC Cincinnati did not acquire a goalkeeper in the expansion draft. Just prior to the draft, it was rumored FC Cincinnati was going to sign an international goalkeeper. That was the case with this move. The Polish international comes into the fold to be the starter, or at least compete with Spencer Richey for the starting role.

With very little time to build an MLS roster, FC Cincinnati has been extremely busy, and that will certainly continue as we head into the upcoming season. There are more moves to be made, and all eyes will be on the club as it looks to be competitive in their first season in MLS. With more moves on the horizon, stay tuned to CST, as we will have reaction to all moves made by the club.

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