7 Reasons to Travel to Louisville to Support FC Cincinnati

7 Reasons to Travel to Louisville

This Saturday, FC Cincinnati travel to the south to face Louisville City FC for the second time this season.  For fans of the Orange and Blue, this is an opportunity for a road trip to a very close rival.  Many people have already decided to make the trip to support their team.  If you haven’t, WHY NOT?

Here are 7 great reasons to travel to Slugger Field this Saturday:

1. Louisville sits top of the Eastern Conference

LCFC is a quality team.  They’ve proven this all season long, with only a single loss and a 13 game unbeaten streak.  This Saturday, we are in their town.  Their supporters and fans will want to continue that streak to 14 games.  If ever there was a time to add your voice and be the collective FCC “12th man”, this is the game.

2. Louisville has the third largest average attendance

They don’t even come close to what we are drawing on average for games, but Louisville has the third highest average attendance in the league and you can bet that this weekend will be a well attended game.  They have strong supporters groups and proved that when they traveled north to face us in April.  If the tweet below is correct, they brought close to 800 supporters to Cincinnati.  This isn’t like playing a team in front of 1000 total fans.  They will be loud and we need a large swath of Orange and Blue at Slugger Field with voices to drown out them out.

3. River City Cup (Dirty River Derby)

Cincinnati and Louisville meet 3 times this season.  The winner of that 3 game stand will be declared the winner of the Dirty River Derby and rewarded the River Cities Cup.  LCFC won the first round of the derby in April and they made sure to rub it in on social media.  Two losses will forfeit the cup to Louisville.  FCC needs a win or a tie to keep the Cup alive.

4. Last defeat was against Louisville

It was over 2 months ago that Cincinnati lost a USL match.  We’ve been on a 9 game unbeaten streak since then, but that last loss still stings.  We broke the record for the largest USL regular season game attendance, had perfect weather and took our first (and only) defeat at home.  The Louisville supporters made sure to take that opportunity to twist the knife….

5. Let’s just say it….. These guys need taken down a peg.

They have been riding us since day one.  Calling the team plastic, with no substance.

There is a historic rivalry between these two cities. They not only want to beat us, but they just want to see us fail.  After we gave up a goal in the last 30 seconds of the game against Richmond and ended up with a tie, you could guess that the LCFC supporters would want to add insult to injury……

Time to show up in force and show them how plastic we are!

6. You play in a baseball diamond and give us crap about Nippert?

Believe it or not, but they actually thought that they had a leg to stand on and insulted Nippert stadium.  They’ve been here and seen a world class soccer experience.  For a short 1.5 – 2 hour drive you can experience the irony and see the joke that they are comparing us against.

7. Game of the week for USL

The game of the week this weekend will be Louisville vs. Cincinnati.  It will be broadcast on ESPN3 and Heather Mitts is joining the coverage.  We’ve been proving over and over how we can pack Nippert and how loud Cincinnati can be when supporting its team.  Let’s make sure when ESPN3 is broadcasting the game that they know that Cincinnati supports its team even when away from home.  Let’s raise our voice and make people think this game is taking place in Cincinnati.


This is a big game that we need to win for the league and the River City Cup and the supporters have been poking us since they found out we were forming a team.  Time to stand behind your team and your city…..

Let’s sell out the supporters sections and get them to open up more seats!

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