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Bus trips, pregame tailgates, bar meetups, a supporters match and a whole lot more has gone into this Saturday’s Dirty River Derby between FC Cincinnati and LouCity. FC Cincinnati and Lewisville/LOLville/Louieville/Loisville fans alike should be excited for Saturday night even though the game will be played in Louisville Slugger Park (a baseball field).

We wanted to give you an outside the box preview for the River Cities Cup/Dirty River Derby. There has been banter on social media mostly about the number of Supporters Groups each club has, the possible attendance and it being a match up of two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. Let us know what you think below!

Supporters Groups

logo-purple-largeLet’s face it, this week has been dominated by Supporters Groups chatter. With the inclusion of the Queen City Mafia, Lowen Des Sudens, The Queen City Firm, the end-zone SG number for FC Cincinnati has risen to six. If you include the Den, it rises to 7 yet it’s still shy of LouCity’s 8+ SG’s. Louisville’s supporters culture is in stark contrast to FC Cincinnati. I believe many people have seen the costumed individuals either on social media or when watching a LouCity match. Their largest group, the Coopers is most notable due to their size and social media presence. The Capo led group is named for the bourbon barrel makers of their city. A unique supporters conglomerate is the “Purple Family”. Per fan website,, this “family” is made up of “Micro-SG’s”. Due to LouCity implementing a new Code of Conduct, these groups had to band together so their interests would be heard by the club. Please click HERE to read further.

Recognized Supporters Groups

The Purple Family: Comprised of many “Micro-SG’s” – Defined by – Some as little as 3 members!

  • Derby City Ultras8657037_G
  • Tubby Guard
  • Cornbread Ultras
  • Louisville Heretics
  • Royal Riot
  • The Bootleggers
  • The Just-Us League

Change between the pipes – Scott Goodwin (aka Doogie Houser, M.D.) to Greg Ranjitsingh
Starting Goalkeeper Scott Goodwin announced his intention to retire from soccer to attend Harvard Medical School in the fall. Goodwin has since been replaced in the lineup by Greg Ranjitsingh. Ranjitsingh was stellar in his first 5 starts, getting shutouts in each. He has not been put under much pressure this season only averaging 2.4 saves per game, but in the last 5 matches, the keeper has given up 6 goals. If FC Cincinnati can break down the LouCity defense they might have a shot.

The Pitch
Screenshot-25I am not sure how many of you have seen a LouCity home match yet, but even if this is your first time, you won’t be able to miss where the infield normally sits. The temporary pitch has been a problem all year at Louisville Slugger Park. The third baseline goal mouth is right on the temporary dirt-covering grass which has caused problems for goalies. FC Cincinnati will need to be sound when they defend this half. If there is any opportunity to grab this side in the first half, I would be fine if Harkes chose it and decided to bunker.

 Austin Berry
What a welcome site the tweet below was this morning. Would be surprised to see Berry in the 18 this weekend, but this looks like progress to us. FC Cincinnati has been blessed by the play of backup Paul Nicholson, but we should think Berry will return to the XI when fully fit.

Juncta Juvant!
Our city slogan has been derived to mean several things but most settle on “Strength in Unity” or “Unity assists”. We encourage all of our fan base to take these words into account. Whether you encounter Louisville fans this weekend, or even have disagreements between our own fans, remember that we are stronger together. The Cincinnati supporters groups have gone well out of their way to get fans down to this game. The Pride will represent well in their match vs. the Coopers while both the Pride and Die Innenstadt have organized great bus trips for fans.

Supporters Match
If you have time, get out to watch members of the Pride face off vs. members of the Coopers at 2 p.m. on Saturday. The address for the field is 3151 Pee Wee Reese Rd., Louisville, KY 40207. There will be 2 matches with the winner being declared on aggregate score. The groups will play 7 v 7 short field. Beer is permitted at the park.

TV: Star 64 OR watch via streaming internet at FC Cincinnati’s pub partners or on

Stay tuned to Cincinnati Soccer Talk for staff predictions on Friday and more news and analysis leading up to this weekend’s match.

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