Does Canvas Kit make or miss the mark?


FC Cincinnati revealed the Canvas Kit last night, replacing one of the best kits the team has had over its nine-year history, silver lettering aside. The Canvas Kit is a return to a white kit as the secondary jersey and includes multiple blue stripes and orange and blue trim on the sleeves and piping.

Photo via FC Cincinnati

Now, I think I’ve made my opinion known that I am not that big a fan of white kits in most cases. I feel they are overly bland and could be much more if they used different colors or allowed for more creativity.

Unfortunately, this kit fits precisely in that specific feeling. When we got the pre-release pictures, it looked like the kit might have a more cream color and a painterly aesthetic. That is completely nonexistent and makes me question why the photo was even shown.

In photos far from the kit, it looks like a completely white kit without any ribbing or texturing. Looking more closely, it does look like there is a type of texture on the kit, but if it can’t be seen in the stands looking at the players, in my opinion, it doesn’t exist.

Concerning some of the other aspects, I like the blue striping at the top of the kit, but it’s just blue striping. It doesn’t really make the kit better.

The most noticeable part of the kit is the orange and blue pattern on the sleeves and piping (sides). I actually love the way the pattern is on the sleeves and wish the pattern could be reused on a primary kit in the future. However, I vehemently dislike the way the pattern is used on the piping. I do not like how it connects to the back of the kit (see the featured image). It just looks ugly.

Overall, this is the worst FC Cincinnati kit since the BOLD Kit of 2020 and I will be disappointed to look at it every match we see it thinking the team is wearing this instead of the orange one it replaced.

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