Voting is Open for 2023 CST Photo Team Awards

Photo Credit: Scott Huck


It’s that time of year to recognize and honor members of the Cincinnati Soccer Talk’s 2023 Photo Team.  In 2022, we conducted the voting internally and recognized our first Alex Vehr Honorary Award recipient.  However, Cincinnati Soccer Talk is a fan supported organization, which means you deserve to be involved in the decision making for these awards!

This year, we have three categories.  The Alex Vehr Honorary Award was created in 2022 and recognizes an individual for outstanding contributions to Cincinnati Soccer Talk in the area of photography.  Alex Vehr was Cincinnati Soccer Talk’s first photographer and established a standard of quality before relocating for work.  For 2023, we’ve added the categories of “Best Photographer in a Supporting Role” and “Best FCC2 Support.”

The 2023 CST Photo Team consisted of 10 exceptional photographers who volunteered their time to capture memorable moments throughout the FC Cincinnati and FCC 2 seasons.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the ballot, which is a Google Form available through the following link.  To participate in casting a vote, you are required to sign-in to a Google account.

2023 CST Photo Team Awards Ballot

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