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FC Cincinnati gets first win at TQL Stadium against Toronto FC

FCC wins their first home match vs Toronto FC and moves away from the bottom of the MLS table.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Miller @cincypixels

FC Cincinnati defeated Toronto FC 2-0 to win its first match at brand new TQL Stadium. The game wasn’t smooth the entire way through, but it was a win that continued to show that FCC is better than the bottom of the barrel of Major League Soccer.

Because of this result, FCC is now ahead of Toronto by five points. The two teams will face off one more time this season when they play on Sept. 29 in Toronto, unless it is moved. This is the same result the last time the two teams played this season.

The match started very slowly. Neither team started out very aggressively and both seemed to want to build very patiently. This playstyle seemed to play into some of Toronto’s better aspects, and I think it was a good thing that the match got quicker as it went on.

After about 15 or 20 minutes, the match started looking more interesting for both teams. Toronto pushed to make holes in the FCC back line, and FCC was playing much faster. While neither team had any shots yet, it was beginning to heat up. A match between two teams that were trying to win.

At around 25 minutes into the match, FCC started grabbing the game by its horns. The team started to get some interesting looks at goal and get in good positions in front of the net.

Lucho Acosta continued to show why he is one of the most important players on the team as well as likely the most disappointing. He gave the team so many of its best opportunities but he also took away even more of the team’s greatest chances. There were three specific chances today that could have ended in goals or better chances. He either tried to dribble around different players or waited way too long to pass the ball, ruining the chance. However, it could also be said that the team wouldn’t be in the position to get those chances without Acosta. so it’s hard to truly say how big his advantages and disadvantages are.

At the 39th minute, FCC broke through with the first goal of the match. Acosta held the ball right outside the box on the left outside area, and sent it over everyone in it. The ball neared the right side of the six-yard line, and while it was in the air, Brenner went up to karate kick it into the back of the net. This goal gave FCC the lead, and with it leading into halftime, a lot of momentum to possibly continue this into the second half.

The second half started relatively similar to the beginning of the match where it was pretty slow. Both teams allowed the other to figure out what they were going to try and do outside the break. After around five minutes, the game opened up and both teams created chances. Toronto was close to scoring a couple of times.

However, it was Haris Medunjanin, thanks to two different deflections on the same shot, that sent the ball into the back of the net. He doubled the home team’s lead and gave it a lot of momentum to possibly finish out the match with the win.

Brenner had multiple chances to get his brace but was not able to tally the second goal. There was one in particular where all he had to do was get the ball on frame, and it would almost assuredly have been a goal, but he touched it harmlessly wide. FCC was fortunate Toronto missed chances in front of goal, or this would not have finished at a 2-0 win. The second goal helped with breathing room though.

At the 80th minute, FCC could feel the match was almost in its hands, and brought in even more substitutions to finish the game off. It felt like Toronto knew it too and looked ready for the match to end. Mercifully for the away team, it did eventually end after a third goal was almost tallied in FCC’s favor.

While it can easily be said Toronto is a struggling club, and wins against them shouldn’t be commended, a win is a win. Three points is three points no matter who they come from, and that is the same here. I only hope these kinds of wins aren’t seen as as victories for the coaching staff. Also, Tyton proved himself an asset should not be taken out of the lineup. At this point it would be difficult to justify removal.

Matchday 22 – FC Cincinnati vs Toronto FC
TQL Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio
Attendance: 22,636
Result: FC Cincinnati 2, Toronto FC 0.


FC Cincinnati Starting XI (4-2-3-1):

FC Cincinnati: Przemysław Tytoń, Nick Hagglund, Geoff Cameron, Gustavo Vallecilla, Ronald Matarrita, Yuya Kubo, Haris Medunjanin (Florian Valot 77’), Luciano Acosta (c) (Calvin Harris 90’), Alvaro Barreal (Edgar Castillo 90’), Isaac Atanga (Zico Bailey 83’), Brenner (Brandon Vázquez 76’)

Bench: Ben Lundt, Allan Cruz, Kamohelo Mokotjo, Arquimides Ordonez

Toronto FC Starting XI (4-2-3-1):

Quentin Westberg, Chris Maving

a, Omar Gonzalez, Justin Morrow (Kemar Lawrence 59’), Auro (Nick DeLeon 77’), Dom Dwyer (Jonathan Osorio 59’), Michael Bradley (c), Marky Delgado, Patrick Mullins (Yeferson Soteldo 59’), Ifunanyachi Achara, Tsubasa Endoh (Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty 77’)

Bench: Eriq Zavaleta, Alex Bono, Richie Laryea, Jacob Shaffelburg

Scoring Summary:

CIN – Brenner (Luciano Acosta, Haris Medunjanin) 39’

CIN – Haris Medunjanin (Alvaro Barreal, Luciano Acosta) 58’


TOR – Justin Morrow (caution) 37’

CIN – Haris Medunjanin (caution) 45+3’

CIN – Geoff Cameron (caution) 50’

CIN – Gustavo Vallecilla (caution) 85’

CIN – Florian Valot (caution) 85′

Next up:
vs. Atlanta United FC, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 15, Mercedez-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

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