MLS and Procter & Gamble agree to multifaceted partnership

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MLS announced Tuesday a partnership with Procter & Gamble, with the Cincinnati-based company serving as the sponsor for a few different soccer events.

Photo Credit: Alex Vehr

On Tuesday, MLS announced a multifaceted partnership with Procter & Gamble, headquartered in Cincinnati. The agreement between P&G and MLS comes as the league continues to rapidly grow across North America. FC Cincinnati minority owner Meg Whitman is a board member of Procter & Gamble.

“Major League Soccer is one of the most dynamic sports leagues in North America,” said P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard. “We’re excited for our brands to participate in a sport so beloved by millions of families while also investing in the future with an organization committed to utilizing sport as a vehicle for positive social change.”

As part of the agreement, P&G will also sponsor the Mexican National Team’s U.S. tour, Leagues Cup, Campeones Cup and the MLS All-Star Game.

“We are proud to partner with P&G and its storied brands to deliver exciting and engaging activations for Major League Soccer’s diverse and dedicated fan base of millions of supporters around the world, while also positively impacting the communities where we live and play our matches.” said Gary Stevenson, MLS Deputy Commissioner and President and Managing Director of MLS Business Ventures. “The sport is on the rise like never before, and adding P&G as a key strategic partner with incredible marketing and consumer engagement expertise will undoubtedly help us accelerate our growth. There has never been a more promising time for soccer, and we look forward to partnering with P&G for many years to come.”

Major League Soccer, along with the Mexican National Team’s U.S. Tour, joins P&G’s long-standing sports partnerships with the NFL, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and others.

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