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Player Ratings: FC Cincinnati at Chicago Fire

Here are the player ratings for FC Cincinnati after Tuesday’s 3-0 defeat at the hands of the Chicago Fire.

FC Cincinnati was blown away Tuesday in the Windy City with a 3-0 defeat at the hands of the Chicago Fire. The Fire were on the front foot with an early second-minute goal by Fabian Herbers. Alvaro Medran added the second goal in the 10th minute, and Ignacio Aliseda scored in the 67th minute.

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  • Each player starts off with a 6 as the standard rating. Six signifies an “average performance” for the match.
  • Players will receive additions or subtractions to their score based on individual moments and the overall team performance.
  • We’ll look at multiple criteria such as stats and the Audi Player Index (API) to assess a player’s rating.
  • A player may receive an N/A  if they are subbed in/off before any quantifiable statistics are available.

Now on to the ratings:

GK- Przemysław Tytoń: (5)

Tyton got beat on two worldly shots by the Fire. Those probably beat every keeper in the league. Tyton was really exploited centrally as his defense failed to step to the ball leaving space and time for the Fire. Really tough to beat up on him too much when everyone in front of him failed.

LWB- Andrew Gutman: (5.5)

Gutman was unable to get into the attack much Tuesday night and when he did, his first touch seemed to take him out of an advantageous position. Most of the FC Cincinnati offense came up the right side of the field, while the Chicago attack came down the middle, so his effects were minimized. I’d like to see him reign in that hustle just a bit to fully collect himself and make the right play on the ball.

LCB- Tom Pettersson: (5.5)

I don’t have too much of an issue with Tom Pettersson’s performance. Again it was quiet and rather solid. He was 25 of 25 in distribution, but he was slow to step to the ball with the midfield crumbling in front of him. His failure to pick up a Fire attacker caused Frankie Amaya to step up and commit his yellow card foul.

CB- Kendall Waston: (4.5)

Like most players on FC Cincinnati, Waston was caught ball watching and was pulled off his man for the third Fire goal. Waston looked exposed against attackers running at him laterally with long balls from the midfield. Might be something to watch out for in matches to come to see if this 5-3-2 has been found out a bit. He did lead the match in six interceptions, but most were up and away from the box.

RCB- Mathieu Deplagne: (4.5)

While it was a worldly goal, Deplagne fell asleep on Herbers’s run behind the backline. He was a step behind the ball for long periods of the match. I just don’t know what it is with Deplagne, but he’s getting beat all over the pitch defensively. One positive point was that he carried the ball selectively into the midfield and was 10 of 14 in attacking third passes. If FC Cincinnati can get any sort of positive possession, those passes can open up the attack.

RWB- Joseph-Claude Gyau: (6.5)

The only player with an above-average rating. Gyau gets up the field and is the only player for FC Cincinnati to make the other team nervous. Have to credit him for doing all the offensive work while still getting back on defense.

CM- Caleb Stanko: (4)

Caught ball-watching a lot during the first half. Should have stepped to the ball on the second goal and was just a step off all night. Slow to close down play, and the Fire were able to take just one or two passes to bypass the FC Cincinnati midfield. Simply put, your 6 has to clog up passing lanes, and Stanko didn’t get it done Tuesday.

CM- Frankie Amaya: (6)

Until Kamohelo Mokotjo gets to town, Amaya needs to be the starting 6 from here on out. He is the only player in midfield for FC Cincinnati who can turn quickly and knows where to go with the ball. When nearly the entire team around him failed to show, he exhibited the hustle that has endeared him to the Cincinnati faithful. Time to put Stanko back on the bench.

CM- Yuya Kubo: (5)

Tough spot for Kubo. He’s yet to be put in a position to succeed for FC Cincinnati. Kubo is not a central midfielder and seems to fail when he’s asked to play with his head on a swivel. When he did get forward, the pass was always just a bit off. Case in point — he gave the ball away on simple overlaps to Gyau.

FW- Allan Cruz: (5)

Cruz came off the field early with a knee injury after colliding with Yuya Kubo. Didn’t get on the ball much as the Fire were on the front foot for the first half. Should have pressured Giménez on the first goal.

FW-Jurgen Locadia: (4.5)

When FC Cincinnati is under attack, the center forward needs to be able to hold up the ball, and Locadia failed in Chicago. Each touch was a bit off, and within one or two touches, the ball was back to the Fire. Has to be frustrating as a striker to fail to get any type of service whatsoever.

SUB-  Siem de Jong (27th min.): (5)

Replaced Cruz in the 27th minute to injury. Sloppy first touch again and just couldn’t get into the match. De Jong needs time and space on the ball, and until FC Cincinnati can reliably hold on to the ball, I think he will be underutilized for the Orange & Blue.

SUB-  Adrien Regattin (59th min.): (6) 

Regattin came in for Stanko as a free role in midfield. He helped spur the attack and was the lone creative influence outside of Gyau again for FC Cincinnati.

SUB-  Maikel van der Werff (74th min.): (N/A) 

Subbed in for Tom Pettersson.

SUB-  Greg Garza (74th min.): (N/A)

Came in late to give Andrew Gutman a rest.

SUB-  Brandon Vazquez (74th min.): (N/A)

With FC Cincinnati down 3-0, Vazquez came in for Locadia.

Injury Notes:  Saad Abdul-Salaam (quad), Jimmy McLaughlin (ankle), and Spencer Richey (concussion).

Out: Haris Medunjanin (paternity leave), Mokotjo (work visa).

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