2018 Week 3-Eastern Conference Power Rankings

Power Rankings

We now have three weeks under our belt and the Cincinnati Soccer Talk Staff went back and re-ranked the teams. A couple teams took a major leap forward but in return, a couple teams have fallen from grace.  As far as our local team, FC Cincinnati, they have won their first two games but have dropped a spot.  They could make a huge statement this Saturday with their rival from down South visits Nippert.


[table id=TR_Louisville/]

[table id=TR_TampaBay/]

[table id=TR_Charlotte/]

[table id=TR_Cincinnati/]

[table id=TR_NewYork/]

[table id=TR_Atlanta/]

[table id=TR_Indy/]

[table id=TR_Nashville/]

[table id=TR_Bethlehem/]

[table id=TR_Pittsburgh/]

[table id=TR_Charleston/]

[table id=TR_Richmond/]

[table id=TR_PennFC/]

[table id=TR_NCFC/]

[table id=TR_Ottawa/]

[table id=TR_Toronto/]


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