Week #27 Power Rankings

Week #27 Power Rankings

Twenty-seven weeks into the season and with approximately 3 weeks to go the race for the final few playoff spots is getting interesting.  Who is going to get the #1 Seed?

It appears that Louisville is in line to get that spot outside of them falling apart. Louisville still has to look at the Western Conference and ask themselves, do we fight for home field for the finals or rest players? (Most points host, between the two conferences.)  Seeds 2-4 is turning into a battle as well, with four teams fighting for three spots (Charlotte, Charleston, Tampa Bay, Rochester). Then another battle for seeds 6-8, last spots for the playoffs (Bethlehem, Cincinnati, Orlando, New York, Saint Louis)

The biggest movers from the last poll are Bethlehem and Tampa Bay, both gaining 16 points from our panel and moving all the way to 6th place and 4th place respectively. The biggest losers in this iteration is Orlando, they lost 12 points from the previous poll. FC Cincinnati is hanging onto a playoff spot but barely, where do they rank in our poll? (See below)

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[table id=TR_Rochester/]

[table id=TR_Bethlehem/]

[table id=TR_NewYork/]

[table id=TR_Cincinnati/]

[table id=TR_Orlando/]

[table id=TR_SaintLouis/]

[table id=TR_Pittsburgh/]

[table id=TR_Ottawa/]

[table id=TR_Harrisburg/]

[table id=TR_Richmond/]

[table id=TR_Toronto/]

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