Letter to the Squad Before Tonight’s Match

Hey guys,

First off, on behalf of the entire city of Cincinnati, THANK YOU. You probably don’t hear that enough.

Because of your hard work and effort, our club and city have been pushed to the forefront of soccer in the US. This US Open Cup run has been an amazing ride filled with moments that we will never forget. Many of us won’t forget Djiby’s celebration after the winning goal vs. Louisville, the way the ball held up in the air & sailed past the Columbus keeper, or the winning PK save by Mitch vs. Chicago.

There have been countless other moments that we don’t see that contributed in these wins. Thank you for giving the best each and every day in order to put a smile on our faces.

Tonight as you go into the miserable swamp of Miami, we ask that when the times get rough, think of YOUR CITY. Whether you play 1 game or 100 as a member of the Orange & Blue, you will always find a home in our hearts. As fans, we will stand behind you until the bitter end. Whether that comes tonight, in two weeks or in the championship, we will still be with you.

We hope that you will continue to be RELENTLESS in your time on the pitch as a member of our city’s team. Many of you have left amazing impressions on us and we will tell stories about you just like the other greats in Cincinnati sports legend.

Go out tonight and show Miami who FC Cincinnati is! #ForTheCup


The Supporters of FC Cincinnati!

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