Growler Cup Rules


One Entry per CST supporter account


Entrant will Select Game Outcome, Either a FCC Win/ FCC Loss/ Draw
Entrant will select the number of Goals FCC will score
Entrant will select the number of Goals Opponent will score
Correct Outcome = 4pts
Correct Goal scored By FCC = 1pt
Correct Goals Scored by Opponent = 1pt
Max points for a single game is 6pts

Each Game entry must be submitted prior to the game’s scheduled kickoff
Games that get delayed for an hour (Rain/Lightning) does not allow for extra time
Games Rescheduled on a different day will open back up

No Format Changes from 2020 Cup

Our Growler Cup champion will be determined by the player who tallies the highest amount of points through the entire season

The winner is the player with the highest points in the final round (After a full season schedule)
If there is a tie, we will award prizes to both winners. If we see that possibility we may ask for a score-line tiebreaker before the final match.

We will have more prizes this year! Stay tuned for further updates on that!

*Reminder: This is for fun and bragging rights for the year
* Any dispute will be handled by the staff at Cincinnati Soccer Talk

* Any CST staff dispute will be mentioned on the podcast for the fans to decide

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