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Nati SC fails to move on in 2024 TST

The 2024 rendition of The Soccer Tournament is unfortunately at an end for hometown Nati SC. The team seemed hopeful in this group stage to start, as they got an early win in their first game. However, as the group stage went on, hope dwindled and the team was eventually eliminated from the tournament following its loss in the third match. 


Nati SC opened the group stage against JJ Watt’s Burnley FC, a team made up of players with experience playing for the main club and for others around Europe. It went better than expected and gave hope the team might be able to move further. 

(2’) GOAL: Aaron Walker — Emmanuel Ledesma was fouled outside the box. His free-kick deflected off the one-man wall, but the rebound was turned in, deflecting off of Aaron Walker.

(5’) GOAL: Emmanuel Ledesma — After a miscue by a Burnley player, Ledesma was played in on goal with only one defender to beat. He turned on his left foot and slotted it into the back of the net. It was a trademark finish for him, one that we would’ve seen in 2018 or 2019.

(13’) GOAL: Danni König — Jimmy McLaughlin was played into the box, and upon dribbling past a defender, played it to King König who slotted it home.

Burnley eventually got a goal back, but it wasn’t enough. Nati SC continued to hold possession and attack. 

(15’) GOAL: Danni König — McLaughlin dribbled into the opposition’s box and played a pass into King König who slotted it home again. It was a brace for the legendary striker who played for FC Cincinnati from 2017-18.

Barely over a minute later, Burnley won the ball back and quickly scored. The goal cut the lead down to two. 

(21’) GOAL: Emmanuel Ledesma — Only a minute into the second half, Nati SC won a corner. McLaughlin’s quickly-taken cross found the foot of Ledesma, who scored his brace.

(23’) GOAL: Kenney Walker — Nati SC never toned down their attacking focus in this match. Kenney Walker and Ledesma found themselves in a 2v1 situation; Manu passed the ball back over to Walker, who scored an easy goal.

Surprisingly, the rest of the second half was quiet. Burnley scored in the early seconds of Target Score Time. With the target score set at 7, they needed 5 more goals. That was not to happen, though

(40+5’) GOAL: Jimmy McLaughlin — A player was taken off each team in the third minute of Target Score Time. McLaughlin’s goal ended the match just two minutes later.

Nati SC utterly dominated this match. They may have conceded three goals to Burnley, but that can be attributed to the non-defensive strategy that they had in this match. Kwik Goal FC was the only team that scored more goals than Nati SC in Group Stage Rd. 1, with nine.

Ochocinco, who had a rough match, told JJ Watt his McDonalds order after they agreed on an offer that the loser would have to buy breakfast.

FINAL SCORE: Nati SC (7-3) Burnley FC


Nati SC’s second match of the group stage was against CONCAFA SC, which included Pat McAfee and other players who had experience playing in American soccer. They are named after McAfee’s mispronunciation of “CONCACAF.” 

CONCAFA had most of the ball to start the match and would end up benefiting from it. A powerful shot deflected off a player in the box, and the rebound was turned into the net.

This only continued further as the match wore on. In the 11th minute, their lead grew to two and to three in the 13th minute. Just two minutes after that, McAfee played a beautiful cross over to Brek Shea, who volleyed it in. 4-0.

(24’) GOAL: Emmanuel Ledesma — Not far from the halfway line, Ledesma took a shot and it flew into the top corner. He had been frustrated for most of the match, especially after having his face dragged down by Shea. The lead was cut down to 4-1. 

But it wasn’t enough. CONCAFA scored a goal late into the second half to make it 5-1. 

The score for Target Score Time was set at 6. The match ended up going for 15 more minutes before CONCAFA  found the winning goal. It was unfortunate, as Nati SC had multiple missed chances throughout it.

Nati SC was set to face Reggae Rovers next, who claimed not to know who Ochocinco was. It was a must-win match to end the group stage.

FINAL SCORE: Nati SC (1-6) Concafa SC


The last match of the group for Nati SC, which was essentially a must-win one, went like the last.

The match stayed scoreless for most of the first half. In the 13th minute, Aaron Walker was booked for a rough challenge. Chavany Willis, who took the free-kick, rifled it into the top of the net.

Their lead doubled soon after. In the 28th minute, Chevaughn Walsh bodied Kenney Walker and his shot was too powerful for Michael Millay, who had to start at goalie for the injured Dallas Jaye.

Just a minute later, hope was restored. Medesma scored off the back of an acrobatic assist from König. Their chemistry from 2018 was once again seen throughout this tournament.

The goal was more of a consolation, however. Reggae Rovers scored another and then another. Just over a minute into Target Score Time, they got the winner.

FINAL SCORE: Nati SC (1-5) Reggae Rovers

Nati SC may have been eliminated from the group stage for the second year in a row, but they are still a nostalgic and entertaining team. Once again, fans got to watch the legendary players that made FC Cincinnati what it is today. 

And hopefully, they’ll be back next year.

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