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Soccer In Our Area: Queen City FC

Club Background

Queen City Football Club was founded on Feb. 1, 2021. The roots of the club were created sometime in 2020. QCFC has made a splash on soccer social media with its iconic crest and amazing Olive & York kits.

“I wanted to incorporate an iconic symbol of Cincinnati, Art Deco and FCC’s colors,” club founder Jarrid Brunswick said. “I contacted designer Geoff Sykes to create a team badge. We worked together on the final design. I chose FCC’s colors because I wanted people to be able to wear our shirts to FCC matches. The relationship with Olive & York started with the team’s second shirt. I looked for a manufacturer that had a strong online and social media presence. Also, I was attracted to Olive & York because customers can buy shirts directly on their website. It has been a great relationship.”

PHOTO: Queen City FC

Many of the original QCFC players were on the Town & Country house team. The current roster is still gelling together after adding several pieces between the winter seasons. There are three to four players that have been on the team since their inaugural match, some from 20 years old to 41 years old fill the roster. QCFC plays in the Men’s 5v5 Open League at Town & Country Sports Complex in Wilder, Kentucky.

The league has 5 seasons per year and runs continuously throughout the year. QCFC has come close to lifting the cup twice in its history, most notably, in the 2022 Winter 2 and 2023 Spring seasons when they finished in second place. In the current Winter 2 season, QCFC is two matches from playoffs with a 4-0-2 record.

The Atmosphere

The Town & Country Sports Complex is your typical indoor soccer venue. The building opened in 1997 originally with outdoor fields but has since been reduced to just the indoor portion. The venue plays host to soccer leagues of wide-ranging ages and genders. Town and Country once hosted former FCC player Jimmy McLaughlin’s youth soccer clinic back in December 2020 and former FCC GK Spencer Richey used the facility for training back in January 2021 prior to that season.

All leagues have an open invitation policy allowing players to sign up even if they are not part of a team. The matchday atmosphere will remind many players of their roots in soccer. Teams will gather pregame around the tables outside the pitch to gear up to take the field. After the 44-minute match, a beverage or two can be enjoyed with friends at the concessions. Spectators are largely participating players, family members and friends.

PHOTO: Town and Country Health

PHOTO: Queen City FC

Match Recap

Queen City FC was the designated away team facing Relegated FC. (Due to a lack of roster availability for RFC, I will refer to their perceived 5v5 positions). When the dust finally settled, the flying pigs were held to an extremely rare scoreless finish in a 0-6 loss.

The match opened with play heavily leaning the way of RFC. The first shot on goal of the match came in the 10th minute when QCFC goalkeeper Brandon Ponchak made his first of many saves.

Relegated FC was a visibly young and cohesive group. In the 13th minute of the match, the heavily-tilted possession started to pay off. The forward for RFC snuck a curling shot past the defender and keeper to score the opening goal. In the 19th minute, a shot by the RFC forward was saved by Ponchack but the ball spilled off to the feet of the RFC midfielder who beat Ponchack to the near post. A moment later, the substitute RFC forward came on and scored another extending the lead to 3-0 going into the half.

In the second half, the disconnected play from QCFC really made its presence known. Several good chances were spoiled by the last pass or run. The most notable goal-scoring chance for QCFC came in the 29th minute when QCFC forward Isaiah Lester beat his defender and was 1v1 against the keeper. The initial shot was saved and the tap-in was prevented by a clever trapping of the ball between the RFC keeper’s legs.

With time winding down on the match, the heavy legs began to mount for QCFC. RFC was able to capitalize on a few more shots on frame. The final whistle sounded and QCFC fell 0-6.

Next Match: 

League Play – at One Hump – Sunday, April 7th – 10 p.m. EST (Town and Country Sports Complex)

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