FCC 2 drop home finale 4-0 to Columbus

Photo courtesy Brian Mack

FC Cincinnati 2 dropped its home finale Sunday at Northern Kentucky University, losing to Columbus Crew 2 by a score of 4-0.

Columbus dominated the opening 25 minutes of the match, putting FCC 2 goalkeeper Paul Walters and his defense under sustained pressure. This finally paid off in the 22nd minute through a goal from Giorgio De Libera, followed shortly by another from Coleman Gannon.

The Orange & Blue managed to be more competitive following this, with a curling effort from Dado Valenzuela and a piledriver by Salim Adams the team’s best chances to score.

Following an extended halftime break courtesy of a brief thunderstorm in the area, the second half saw the home team enjoying more possession than before. Despite this, the Crew benefited from a bad giveaway to score a third goal, Habroune providing the final touch to make it 3-0. Angel Kader Bohui scored a fourth in added time to complete the rout.

The match was the home finale for Tyrone Marshall’s FCC 2 team. The 7-4-16 squad closes the season next Sunday at Orlando.

FC Cincinnati 2 Lineup

GK: Paul Walters
D: Matt Schenfeld (Ineh, 69), Kai Thomas (McHenry), Joey Akpunonu, Juan Machado, Conner Stout
M: Salim Adams, Brian Vasquez (Belal, 46), Dado Valenzuela (Mora, 61)
F: Ben Stitz (Horton), Jesus Castellano

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