2023 Match Reports

FC Cincinnati looks to rebound with Timbers matchup

FC Cincinnati will look to rebound from its 5-1 loss last weekend to St. Louis CITY SC with a home matchup against the Portland Timbers.

FCC comes into the match, obviously, looking to improve on its loss but also on its wins where it didn’t play as well as it could have. Prior to the STL loss, FCC had three straight 1-0 wins, and I don’t think that was what any of us thought we’d be watching going into the season. The defense might have improved, yes, especially with the addition of Yerson Mosquera, and that’s a big help to a side that seems to be struggling to score.

That probably won’t be completely fixed with this matchup against the Timbers, either. According to FCC reporter Laurel Pfahler, Lucho Acosta is still being evaluated for if he could start or come off the bench on Saturday. While the side did create some chances last match without their star chance creator, it won’t be able to fire at all cylinders without him.

That also includes the exclusion of Brenner and Arias, who Pfahler is reporting will both be missing from the upcoming match as well, the former because of the signing and the latter due to injury. Sergio Santos, however, has submitted himself as a great third option at the position and has been exactly what we were hoping he’d be when we acquired him last season. I adore his work rate and movement.

Brandon Vazquez has not been what we were hoping for this season, though. If FCC hopes to get to where it wants this season, it will need its new primary forward to improve and show himself to be the true hold up #9 he was last season. He hasn’t been that kind of player so far with his goal-scoring ability and his other aspects haven’t been up to par either. Concerning other FCC players, Obinna Nwobodo participated fully in training according to Pfahler.

The Portland Timbers, however, are coming into this match with the opposite mentality, as they will look to continue from their 4-1 drubbing of the Seattle Sounders last weekend. Prior to that match, the Timbers hadn’t had a win in six matches.

But the side FCC will be seeing will be much depleted, according to Timbers reporter Ryan Clark.

FCC will need to watch the whole pitch for the upcoming matchup. While the Timbers have only one player with more than one goal, Juan Mosquera with two, the side also has eight, yes eight, players with one goal, While some of those might have come from set pieces or random chances, the fact that those players have been able to finish shows what FCC might be going up against.

According to WhoScored.com, the strengths of the Portland Timbers are counter-attacking and coming back from losing positions. The former of these could specifically hurt FCC, as that really hurt the side last match against STL.

WhoScored.com also stated that the weaknesses of the Timbers include keeping possession of the ball, defending attacks down the wing and avoiding fouls in dangerous areas. Now, these weaknesses seem to spell out one thing, the Alvaro Barreal game. If these hold, our left back looks to be in for a good stint.

The site also said the opposition’s style of play includes hitting long balls, attacking down the right, playing aggressively and often attempting through balls.

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