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Welcome to CST’s MLS Weekend Recap presented by The Oscars!

I’m your host Jonathan Foster and as I walk through this week’s recap, I will be associating each MLS team with a corresponding Nomination for the Best Motion Picture of the Year.

For example: If we were to consider a movie to compare to the Seattle Sounders, it would have to be Avatar: The Way of Water. No movie has been able to capture the realism of CGI Water likethe new James Cameron movie, and based on the amount of crying Sounders fans did postgame, we must pair them up with the movie most capable of representing their tears.

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At Bat: Mar. 18 – Chicago Fire: 1 pt, 13th in the East 

The Best Picture Nominee is ………… The Triangle of Sadness

Frankly, this comparison has little to do with the movie, and everything to do with the title as the Chicago Fire have placed their fans in a Triangle of Sadness for a decade now. Maybe there is a movie that more accurately represents the toils that the Chicago Fire have endured, (admittedly I have not watched all of this year’s nominations) but this most recent game against the Philadelphia Union has fans being reminded of the feelings they had last year.

Yes, you could point to the parallels of players struggling with unspoken pressures from fans, the feelings of just being a tool of the ultrawealthy to enjoy themselves or even the difficulties of recovering when everything is broken. But honestly, when you consider this was the third time in four years the Fire has received a red card while playing in Philly, and fans are pointing out that this is the same performance they remember from last year, then you can see that the Triangle of Sadness is thriving in Chicago.

On Deck: Mar. 25 – Nashville SC: 7 pts, 2nd in the East

The Best Picture Nominee is …………  All Quiet on the Western Front

How do you survive trench warfare? Nashville fans have been tasked with enduring this for another year as Gary Smith signed a contract extension prior to the season. And Nashville SC’s tactics of digging in defensively and trying to deny any advance from an attack are flourishing through the first few weeks of the season. Will small moments of joy stave off the horrors of these brutal tactics or will they weigh down the spirits of their supporters and drive everyone to madness?

Additionally, the ‘Yotes goal-scoring song is Mr. Brightside, if we needed any more motivation to move to the “Lights of Cincinnati.”

In the Hole: April 1 – Inter Miami: 6 pts, 5th in the East

The Best Picture Nominee is …………  Elvis

The movie “Elvis” is all about managing and dealing with the success and tribulations of chasing after a superstar and nothing else could translate more than Miami’s chase for Lionel Messi. There have been reports of pre-contracts signed with PSG, that he’s never talked with anyone but PSG and Barca and whispers from insiders that Messi has been interested in MLS for months. We still don’t have an end to the story, but with the frequency of angry statements from European stakeholders increasing and MLS Commissioner Don Garber laying the groundwork for new contract structures, to me, it would point to a final act in the US.

Checking in on the West 

The Best Picture Nominee is …………  Top Gun: Maverick

Can the Old Hot Shots (Portland) live up to the talent of the new kids on the block (St. Louis)? No.

St. Louis’ hot start continues as they beat Portland to become the lone team in the West to have not drawn or lost a match this season. Now, I am someone who is always supportive of the expansion of the league, but I can’t help but admit this feels unjust. I think that all expansion teams should have to suffer more than they have in recent years. Maybe this is the hurt people acting out and I should learn to celebrate someone else not having to go through our pains, but it’s also St. Louis, soooooo……..

Elsewhere, San Jose continued their turnaround with a throttling of Colorado, Vancouver made a comeback for a tie against Dallas and Minnesota rolled out the snow for the Red Bulls in a 1-1 tie. This leads to everyone in the West but Houston having a point after three weeks. 

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