MLS Weekend Recap – Mar 06, 2023

Things in the East are shifting as FCC turns its focus towards the West for a 2nd time.

Weekend Recap by Jonathan Foster

Points are Points!

Now you might quibble and say, ‘It was against a rotated squad… We had the better chances… I couldn’t see it because I have trouble with Streaming Devices.”

But not I! I have been trained by many years of sports hurt to not look at any negatives, and instead, blindly charge forward yelling that any point against a predicted playoff team is a good point!


Upcoming Schedule 

At Bat: Mar. 11 – Seattle: 6 pts 1st in the West

If I were to look at the negatives of how our strikers still haven’t scored a goal, I would be really nervous about playing Seattle, who has yet to give up a goal. 

Through two games they have outscored their opponents 6-0 after a 2-0 victory over xDawg (the very scientific measure of which team’s got more of that dawg in them) extraordinaire Real Salt Lake.

In both matches, they have outshot and out-possessed their opponents with the lackluster attack and defensive records of 2022 appearing to be in the rearview mirror. For both teams, this may be the best team they have faced in this new season, and will likely be the bar they point to as a measure of their talent for the better part of the year. 


On Deck: Mar. 18 – Chicago Fire: 1 pt, 10th in the East

After sitting out the first week of the season, Chicago opened week two with a home game against a bolstered NYCFC squad. They survived a lackluster opening half of the game, but made some tactical tweaks in the second half and were able to overcome a one goal deficit and tie it late. They may have felt a little jilted as there was a second goal that was ruled to be offsides in the buildup but won’t find any sympathetic feelings from FCC fans after last year.

They will have to play Philadelphia this upcoming weekend, before facing off against Cincinnati, but may view this as an opportunity to get the ball rolling after Philly lost to Miami this past match week.

In the Hole: Mar. 25 – Nashville SC: 4 pts, 3rd in the East

Nashville also played to a 0-0 draw this weekend, and it has Nashville fans feeling like they’ve seen this song and dance before. Long balls pumped forward with a focus on being stout in defense. They didn’t have a shot on target, but against the New York Red Bulls, they will feel fine after not picking up any long term injuries.

They will hope to get back on track this week against Montreal who has as many home jerseys as they do points. Zero.


Checking in on the West 

Portland had the misfortune of being offered up to LAFC as the champions of 2022 celebrated their MLS Cup victory pre game. And the top team in MLS picked up right where they left off from last year, scoring 3 goals in the first 60 minutes of play. Portland was eventually able to make it interesting by scoring 2 goals in the last 30 minutes of play, but had allowed themselves to dig too big of a hole to climb out of.

Elsewhere St. Louis CITY SC held their own party, as they hosted their first ever MLS match in their brand new stadium against recent MLS additions Charlotte FC. There may have been a few wondering if they would be crying at their party after Charlotte opened the scoring in the new stadium, but the mood turned after being on the receiving end of a few housewarming gifts. Charlotte’s first gift was St. Louis’ first goal with a wonderfully headed own goal, and later doubled it, handing a penalty to the new boys as the first half came to a close. However, they weren’t done being generous visitors as they passed the ball back to St. Louis’ striker Klaus for a one-on-one face-off, and much like the similar gift they received the week earlier, he dispatched the gift over the keeper.

Things that Made us go oooOOOOooo!!!! (best highlight of the week)

St. Louis CITY Sc baby. 

I mean look at the baby! Winning your first home MLS game is great, but getting your child to become the star of the show, Priceless!

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