2018 Week 7 -Eastern Conference Power Rankings

Power Rankings

We now have seven weeks under our belt and the Cincinnati Soccer Talk Staff went back and re-ranked the teams. Again, there was not a lot of movement between the last poll, but Charleston did climb 4 spots to 7th  and have a fixture with one of their Carolina rivals this weekend. Atlanta continues to fall after starting the year well but maybe their youth is starting to show.  The local team FC Cincinnati climbed to number 2 in the poll, but is it a little premature to place them that high?  See below and where everyone fell on this week’s rankings.


[table id=TR_Louisville/]

[table id=TR_Cincinnati/]

[table id=TR_NewYork/]

[table id=TR_TampaBay/]

[table id=TR_Pittsburgh/]

[table id=TR_Indy/]

[table id=TR_Charleston/]

[table id=TR_Nashville/]

[table id=TR_Charlotte/]

[table id=TR_NCFC/]

[table id=TR_Richmond/]

[table id=TR_Atlanta/]

[table id=TR_Bethlehem/]

[table id=TR_PennFC/]

[table id=TR_Ottawa/]

[table id=TR_Toronto/]


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