Growler Cup: Matchday 7- Bethlehem Steel FC vs. FC Cincinnati

2017 Growler Cup

2017 Growler Cup

Last Saturday FC Cincinnati drew 1-1 at home after Aodhan Quinn’s 2nd Half equalizer. This week the club travels to PA to face Bethlehem Steel FC in a rematch of the 2-0 loss suffered earlier this season. Each and every game we do our best to predict the outcome of the FC Cincinnati match. Here’s how some of the staff here at CST feel things will transpire Saturday night when the Orange & Blue face Bethlehem.

Brad Weigel

Boy am I glad that this tumultuous week and 3 game stretch is behind us. Yes, unfortunately, we will be without Djiby but I think this team has enough weapons to overcome the loss and one of those is named Andy Craven. I think this could be the donut aficionado’s chance for his first start and ultimate a breakthrough in the Orange & Blue. While he might not have the size of Djiby, his speed and creativity can unlock defenses. I’m a big believer in swagger and this guy has it. Early this season he’s shown that he won’t back down from anybody, yes even an unfortunate Xavier player. Sorry Coach Fleming. Moving on, I think he’s going to net this weekend and for every goal Craven scores vs. Steel FC, I will personally deliver him a dozen Holtman’s donuts. There’s your motivation fella, go get em #donutchallenge. 3-0 FC Cincinnati.

Yosief Tzeghai

A much needed week of rest for FCC has the good guys ready to take a roadtrip and try to continue their unbeaten streak. Last time FC Cincinnati met Steel FC, they suffered two unfortunate exits from the backline. The Nicholson red card and Hoyte injury put the team behind the eight ball in the early stages of the match. I feel that defense has become much more cohesive as of late and that will prevent their opponent from creating the same level of offense as they did earlier this month. A healthy Daryl Fordyce could be able to pick up some of the slack for the team and create offense whether he plays Striker or CAM. I’m looking forward to a 2-0 victory for the Knifey Soccer Lion Kings.

Ken Hoetker

I think we will have to find our legs again after three grueling matches.  In addition, we are going to have another new point man or formation to adjust to. Combine that and add in a supposedly hot day and I think we have a slow start. However, our defense has finally found its rhythm minimizing opponents chances. I think we shut down the Steel this time and we eventually find the back of the net for a 1-0 victory and a Widmers Cleaners Cleansheet.

Boston Brazzell

Last time we faced Bethlehem Steel FC, the wheels fell off. Anything and everything that could go wrong did. I don’t see FC Cincinnati falling into such an unlikely trap a second time. I actually believe this team will be hot and ready. It is no secret Cincinnati has had a week of distraction but the players are hot. Our forwards are ready to prove themselves in Djiby’s absence and will strike at the moment. Saturday’s game will be full of shots so the keepers better eat their Wheaties. 3-1 FC Cincinnati gets a much-deserved win.

Other Staff Picks: Bryan 2-1, Seubs 2-1, Griffin 2-0, Bill 2-0.


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