Week 4 Growler Cup- FC Cincinnati vs Saint Louis FC

The Orange & Blue were shut out for the 1st time this season with a 2-0 loss in Bethlehem. Not one single person expected or picked that result so the standings after week 2 were unchanged. FC Cincinnati will look to get back to their winning ways against a team coached by USMNT legend “Preki”. Last season FCC took a pair of 2-1 victories off STL but face a much improved club that leads the East with 10 points from 4 matches. Here’s how members of our staff think Saturday night’s meeting will turn out.

Boston Brazzell

FC Cincinnati and Saint Louis FC Cincinnati have had two different starts to this season. Saint Louis tied Louisville and then gone on a multi-goal spree ever since. Cincinnati has yet to find a multi-score game and has twice committed major fouls. I honestly believe Cincinnati has the more talented roster overall but Saint Louis is playing with such patience and discipline it is hard to overlook. Based on what I have seen, FC Cincinnati cannot draw or win this game without scoring multiple goals. If this game was away, I would easily call it for Saint Louis. However, I feel the home opener will hype this team up and snap them into an attacking form we have not yet seen. This game finishes 3-2 Cincinnati.


Returning home from a road trip that most would like to forget, the Queen City Club look to get back on track with their winning ways of 2016. Hosting Saint Louis FC and the dangerous attack led by Christian Volesky, the Orange and Blue defense will have to be on top of their game. I foresee Koch and club getting past their growing pains and showing supporters what they are capable of doing with this talent-heavy roster. Cincinnati will defeat the Gateway Arch Soccer Club; Two goals to One.

Ken Hoetker

Howlers, hoof ball, red cards, passive attack, missing combo play, am I missing any other description of how our season has started? Probably, and I probably won’t be the fan favorite this week either.  FCC has not provided the positives we have been expecting and we were told this week on our show by Andrew Weideman that “it is taking time to gel”.  FCC also just had a friendly against the University of Dayton and apparently won that 3-1.  It is the “1” that concerns me, why can’t we shut teams down? why is there always a mistake? “Why, why, why” that is my issue with this team currently, there are too many “why’s”.  I think FCC eventually gets it together but until I see it, I will be the pessimist.  You combine our form of late, and the fact that Saint Louis FC apparently can score, and was resilient enough to come back and beat a full Pitt squad away 2-1, it just is a scary combination.  I will cheer for FCC and be hopeful but I think it ends up 2-1 to the Fleur-de-lis FC (StL).  Please prove me wrong!

Brad Weigel

So let’s face it, the team has sucked of late and there is no hiding it. The players heard and saw it so much that a few of them even resorted to public apologies on Twitter after the loss last week. The way I see it is they have 2 options. Continue to wallow in their own pity, or come out and show a raucous Nippert Stadium crowd why they were picked to be one of the leaders in the eastern conference. I think a little home cooking will help with their woes. This club had an impressive 9-3-3 record in front of the Orange & Blue faithful last season and I think they will build upon that.  You saw they boys play with a little pep in their step in Pittsburgh with the traveling crowd along with the UC and XU friendlies. I for one can’t wait to see Djiby in front of this crowd and think he’ll go OFF!!! We’ve only scored 3 times once in our history but the 2nd time comes this Saturday. FCC will jump out with 2 goals early, concede 1, then Djiby will net his hat trick to close out an impressive first home game with a 3-1 win.


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