Sold Out? Where YOU can still find FC Cincinnati Tickets

Sold Out
A record 35,061 fans should pack into Nippert Stadium for Saturday night’s FC Cincinnati match vs. Crystal Palace FC. President & General Manager Jeff Berding announced that number at a special VIP banquet Friday night. There was much jubilation on social media from FC Cincinnati fans who were proud of the achievement, but sorrow from some fans who were too late in purchasing tickets.

While we are not endorsed by any third part ticketing agency, we felt providing an avenue for fans to purchase any remaining seats. Please check out our list below where FC Cincinnati or Crystal Palace fans can still find tickets. If you are still unable to purchase tickets, make sure to check out our info below for the television broadcast on Star 64 or on Facebook Live – Largest Selection in many areas throughout Nippert Stadium. – Limited Selection in a couple sections. – Limited Selection in a couple sections. – Limited Selection in a couple sections.

FACEBOOK – Connect with FC Cincinnati Fans on Supporters Groups Pages (Die Innenstadt, The Pride, The Bailey) or on the CPFC North American Tour Page.

TWITTER: Some local companies have purchased additional tickets for tonight’s match. Check out local companies and see how they might be giving fans tickets to the match.

REDDIT: Check out the official REDDIT page for FC Cincinnati. There are several posts with people selling or buying tickets.

*Note, we are not liable for any losses, fraud, or ticketing issues online or at Nippert Stadium. CST does not profit from any parties listed in this story. This story looks to provide a service to our readers.


TV: Star 64 WSTR. Streaming internet at FC Cincinnati’s pub partners or on USL Soccer FACEBOOK.

Be sure to check out our recent announcement of the Cincinnati Soccer Talk FootGolf Classic and sign your team up TODAY! Stay tuned to Cincinnati Soccer Talk for staff analysis leading up to this weekend’s match.

Check out our Crystal Palace Weekend Events Schedule. There is much going around the city in anticipation for Saturday’s match.


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